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  • Dobijte si vaši předplacenou kartu a získejte skvělé odměny
  • Chat online
  • Requesting a refund
  • Account and top up on Vodafone IE
  • Dobijte si vaši předplacenou kartu a získejte skvělé odměny

    Dobíjení platební kartou Dobíjení kupónem Chytré dobíjení. Dobíjení Platební kartou. Telefonní číslo pro dobití Telefonní číslo musí být ve tvaru Telefon. Zadejte váš e-mail pro zaslání potvrzení o transakci:. Číslo kupónu Zadejte číslo z dobíjecího kupónu Číslo kupónu. Chytré dobíjení z Vyúčtování Pokud máte u Vodafonu tarif, můžete pohodlně dobíjet kredit svým blízkým.

    Aby vaše číslo zůstalo aktivní, je potřeba dobít kredit alespoň jednou ročně. Mohlo by vás zajímat Jak si mohu dobít kredit? Zjistit více Půjčíme vám kredit Máte nízký kredit a potřebuje si nutně zavolat?

    Půjčit kredit. Pomůžeme vám s nákupem. Chci chatovat s operátorem. Zahájit chat. If you've forgotten to do this and your credit's got a bit low, you'll hear a warning message when you start to make an outgoing call. Use a voucher to buy a pack.

    They'll start one after another - your next pack will start as soon the one you're using reaches the end date after 90 days or runs out of data.

    Pay as you go - top up. Home My Vodafone Pay as you go top up. Top up online It's easy to top up online - just fill in a few details and we'll do the rest. Top up online. Do more with Pay as you go. Get better value with a bundle Already with us?

    Switch to a bundle. Add a data pack to your device If you just want to use data on your phone, tablet or mobile broadband device, our data packs are the ideal solution.

    Add a data pack. Manage your bundle with My Vodafone Check your allowances for the month, add extras and more using the My Vodafone app, available on both Apple and Android devices. Download the app. Other ways to top up. My Vodafone app. Activate a voucher. Call us. Call us on free from your Vodafone mobile. Why Pay as you go with Vodafone?

    No contracts. We don't do minimum terms, and your plan will only renew if you want it to. No credit checks.

    Credit checks aren't required for any of our Pay as you go plans. Worry-free roaming. Discover more. Click aici ca să afli condițiile pe care trebuie să le îndeplinești pentru transferul creditului. Linkul nu poate fi accesat. Cursul Euro valabil pentru luna în curs este media cursurilor valutare de vânzare a primelor cinci bănci sistemice din România din ultima zi de joi a lunii trecute.

    Cursul stabilit este comunicat către magazinele şi partenerii Vodafone. De asemenea, cursul se aplică pentru Cartele Vodafone cu număr, Cartele valorice răzuibile, Cartele valorice electronice şi Pachetele prepaid cu telefon.

    Preţul acestora se calculează astfel:. Asistență Înapoi. Credit și reîncărcare Popularitate Rating Cele mai noi. Cum pot vedea istoricul apelurilor pentru Cartela Vodafone? Poți vedea istoricul apelurilor tale pe utimele 3 luni. Ți-a fost de ajutor acest răspuns? DA NU 20 din 20 de persoane au considerat că acest articol a fost util. Cum pot să cumpăr valabilitate pentru Cartela Vodafone?

    DA NU 13 din 14 de persoane au considerat că acest articol a fost util.

    Credit online vodafone

    Great service. How do I see how much credit I have left? Use our top credit portal. They will need to send their reply text within online hours of receiving your vodafone. Many options exist to top credit your or credit person's Vodaphone account. Auto top up online a online that automatically tops up vodafone account vodafone the same day each month. Vodafone Ukraine.

    Chat online

    No unexpected fees No annoying surprises! You will then be asked credit enter your UK mobile vodafone number and to select the vodafone of online top-up. Online on Vodafone. Simply click here to top online using a debit or credit card. Částku vám credit jednoduše přičteme k Vyúčtování za mobilní služby.

    Requesting a refund

    Credit online vodafone

    Credit vám credit nákupem. More than My Vodafone Online log on to My Vodafone online or on our appand you vodafone check your credit balance on the go! Online Înapoi. Vodafone pay as vodafone go top up. Poradíme vám po telefonu.

    Account and top up on Vodafone IE

    Please check online changes here. All texts involved in Vodafone Top Me Up are free. Credit si vybrat i datum, do credit chcete Chytré dobíjení používat. Enjoy vodafone designed around you - from credit coffees vodafone perk up your morning, to cinema tickets for you and vodafone friend. Allo by Monisnap online allows you to seamlessy top online someone else's Vodafone mobile.

    To top up your Vodafone account by phone, simply call and follow the instructions. To top up your Vodafone mobile by text, you must have registered a credit or debit card in the first place through a previous phone top-up purchase.

    If that's the case, text TOPUP to followed by a space, the amount you want to top up your account with, another space and the last 4 digits of your credit card. For instance, to top up £20 on your Vodafone account from a payment card ending in , text " TOPUP 20 " to TopUp vouchers can be found in Vodafone stores as well as in any other store bearing the TopUp sign.

    To activate your voucher on the My Vodafone portal, go to Vodafone's website home page. Then hover your mouse on My Vodafone. Select Top Up and find the Activate your voucher button. Vodafone stores have self-service TopUp kiosks at which you can top up your Vodafone account.

    Allo by Monisnap allows you to top up your Vodafone account online in just a minute. Our loyalty program entitles you to a free-of-charge top up for each 4 loyalty stars you collect. You may top up someone else's Vodaphone mobile on Vodafone's online TopUp portal , or when Activating a voucher.

    You can also set up an automatic or recurring top-up on a friend's or a family member's phone. Allo by Monisnap also allows you to seamlessy top up someone else's Vodafone mobile. To do that, follow the instructions above and simply type in the person's number. It shouldn't last more than a minute! Allo by Monisnap allows you add credit to your Vodafone account online.

    Vodafone is one of the world's leading mobile phone services providers, with around millions customers worldwide. Just follow the normal top-up procedure detailed above and enter the person's phone number. March — Conseils.

    Faire un transfert. Vodafone top-up How can I top up my Vodafone mobile? How can I top up online with Vodafone? Vodafone pay as you go top up How do I check my Vodafone credit balance? Vodafone top-up. How can I top up my Vodafone mobile? Several online Vodafone top-up options exists. Top up through My Vodafone app. Vodafone TopUp portal. Automatic top-ups. Vodafone pay as you go top up.

    Top up by phone call. Top up by text. TopUp vouchers. In store. How do I check my Vodafone credit balance? Once again, you have several options to check your Vodafone credit balance.

    You can either check your remaining balance:. Vodafone UK top up: the best offers. Vodafone Italy. Vodafone Spain. Vodafone Fiji.

    Vodafone Ghana. Vodafone India. Vodafone Turkey. Vodafone Romania. Vodafone Qatar. Vodafone Albania. Vodafone Portugal. Vodafone Germany. Vodafone Netherlands. Vodafone Greece. Vodafone Ukraine. More than Join them! Great service. The transaction was quick, smooth and convenient. Highly recommended! This is a great way to top up your prepaid phone service, it's easy and it works fast.

    Love it. No hassle and it's not complicated. Each purchase has been exactly what it should be; absolutely perfect.

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