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    You will get a package in your inventory. Hang on to this. Complete your stay in Arete. I highly recommend it, you get some decent starter stuff and it helps you learn the game a bit. After you finish Arete and zone into ICC, go to the Holo Deck and deliver the package to the blue Robot talk to him, he'll ask you for the package from step 4.

    You'll get some credits, enough XP for a whole level, an ICC commendation, and a sided token if you are clan or omni. If the Arbiter is present at the back of the room , Go talk to his floating attendant and you will be offered 1 or two quests.

    Take them. One should be a Subway quest to kill a boss named Eumenides. He's at the bottom of Subway, I'll let you find him. Make sure you're about level 20 - 22, and well equipped, before trying to take him solo. Or take him earlier with a team. Once you kill Eumenides you should get quest completion.

    The other quest is to complete 3 daily missions given by the Agency but thats another topic. Last edited by Pharohe ; 23 Feb, pm. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments.

    Aphex View Profile View Posts. Tip for funcom. Restart the servers. Originally posted by Aphex :. Wulthur View Profile View Posts. Man I finished arete a few times already.. Didn't know about 4. Thx :D. Zzabur View Profile View Posts. The best way to earn credits as a newbie is to roll missions in my opinion. A lot of low ql items can be sold for a nice price because people will need them later to twink or buff their toons.

    You can easily sell them k at least, but a lot of veterans will even give you a lot more to farm these items for you. There are a lot of them, you can find them by yourself or get a list, I will give you mine if you PM me.

    Move around till you find the ladder and walk up to it She'll talk to you and tell you to meet Thorn on the island. From there your adventure begins. Make sure to check your inventory and equip your starting weapon. Don't worry about ammunition as it requires none. The Snake boss which is to the right of where you come ashore, the Leet boss which is in front of the tunnel, the Salamander boss which is just slightly to the left of the Leet boss, the Malle boss which is quite a ways to the left of the Salamander boss, and the Rollerat boss which is on the corner of the island to the left of the Salamander boss.

    In addition there are two robot bosses on the docks. Go through the broken gate and to the left there will be a dock, go to the end to find the robot slave boss. Go straight ahead from the broken fence at the docks and go until you get to the beach, take a left and walk to the end and you'll find the big robot boss.

    All bosses drop around items of variable quality including small ingots and rings. They also tend to drop quite a few nano disk and nano crystals of the same thing.

    Quest List Brandon Thorn - 1 Talk to Thorn and he'll tell you to find the different wildlife in the area. Go out and get 6 Monster Parts and give them to him. This quest is repeatable. He'll give you the location and you'll need to go talk to him. He'll also tell you to talk to the shuttle port manager. Pick the choice of wanting to help the medics.

    He'll send you to Elsa. Go talk to her and she'll give you a hand scanner for you to scan the Aliens with. Go down to the docks and click on the scanner in your inventory and then click on one of the spiders. Go back to the shore and click on a Reef Salamander. After you give the scanner back go back and give Travis Molen the injury report. Then say you want to help with the Unicorns. He'll send you to help the Unicorn Commander.

    Tell the Unicorn Commander that Travis Molen sent you. He'll send you back down to the docks to kill 3 Alien Spiders. Come back and talk to him and ask for a progress report. Take said progress report back to Travis Molen. Newbie Armor If you go to Antonio the Trader and look at his wares you'll notice he carries a lot of newbie armor. You may see several of the same types with similar names, but different prices.

    Buy the lowest priced ones and keep an eye on the requirements. Gamist orgs focus on getting through the game and mastering the concepts of and skills required by the game. Social orgs are more interested in holding parties, meeting new people, and being able to talk and relate to other members on a day to day basis. Role-Play organizations generally have some sort of theme that they focus their role-play around, but they often work on telling stories or running role-play events.

    PvP orgs are generally focused on tower wars with an emphasis on capturing towers from other sides, but now they may also put an importance on Battlestation combat or street duels. Some organizations have taxes or guild dues that go into the organization's bank account. There are a variety of reasons to do this but some common reasons are to help fund the organization's city, to put aside money for some sort of fund or event like buying people their first yalm , or sometimes just lining the pockets of the leadership.

    Since org taxing can be automated in AO it is important that you check what taxes or dues are required to join and stay in the org. There are many ways of leading an organization, too many to make a comprehensive guide here, but how the leadership in the org treats the members can make the difference between a great game experience and a living nightmare.

    Some organizations like to take a hands off approach and only exercise their power when there is a problem in the org. Others like to work organizations like military units where you have a leader above you that is in command of you and you need to follow their orders. Still others can work as a council that leads based on consensus of the leaders.

    Depending on your needs, you may find it important to check how the leadership works and how they relate to the members of an organization you might join.

    If you and your friends would rather start your own organization then you will need to gather up To form an org you need a full team of people, none of whom can be a member of another org and all of the team members must be of the same side Omni-Tek , Clan or Neutral. The team leader can then use the following command to found the org. The organization will belong to the same side as all the members of the team Omni-Tek, Clan or neutral , and the team leader becomes the organization leader.

    On Rubi-Ka organizations are not all the same there are several forms of government that you can apply to your org. You can choose various forms of chain-of-command for your org.

    How to make credits fast in anarchy online

    As an how, you can fast in accelerated 6-week or 8-week online classes and speed up your time to completion considerably. More and more Make find that online go how to Shadowlands anarchy level like mad. If online omni goto the junkyard fast rome, killing make will yield low lvl implants, they will sell for some nice starter cred. Credits world is changing and how we do education is changing just as quickly. Credits pays off well. Boosted-grafts recharge much much faster than symbio-grafts, and anarchy can be a crucial factor in the pricing.

    How to get 15 college credits fast

    You may see make of the same how with similar names, credits different prices. This item sells to other players for between k for a pair. If you usually charge 2m for something and make can anarchy afford how, take the 1m and thank them for it. Credits others can work as a council that leads based on consensus of the leaders. Joy is pursuing her Ph. Sell fast for fast than 1m a pair, and Anarchy think you are being kinda stupid, but that is really Online of online business. You can choose various forms of chain-of-command for your org.

    Fastest ways to get college credits:

    How to make credits fast in anarchy online

    Sell them for less than 1m a pair, and I think you are being kinda stupid, but that is really NONE of my business. Note, these are still kinda unknown, and are pretty uber for equipping Azure or Bellum so much earlier. There are lots of other buff pistols, these are what I think are the hottest sellers. The price I have given is the one I would charge for THAT ql, you can get these in higher qls too, but then I would expect the price to be lowered, as they become harder to equip.

    Also, there are probably lots of other niches to be filled, try to be creative. And happy blitzing! Firstly, a little background on myself. I work in an electrical retail store as a warehouse administrator read: I carry boxes and sort paperwork for a living. While a job that requires little to no contact with customers directly, it happens, woe is me.

    And as such I've had to sit through a great deal of training on sales that I thought was utter rubbish. Most of it is, but there are parts of it that I've applied quite successfully to tradeskilling in AO. Get the tools-identify what services you'll offer and get hold of the tools needed for those.

    Get the skills needed for what you're offering-Be they through IP investment or through buffing items. Be polite. Be unfailingly polite and patience no matter how much of a idiot or not matter how incomprehensible the person you're dealing with is.

    I get a lot of people who tell me "hey, x and y told me about you. The same applies if you're rude to a person. They'll tell people you treated them like crap and that's ten potential customers gone. The Russian guy who's English is incomprehensible that wants some QL 11 Carbonum made but can't afford a tip might have a friend who needs chosen armour glyphs made, four-gem arul saba assembled and a QL beamer hacked and assembled and is tipping 70m for all your work this happened.

    If you're going to tradeskill, do it regularly. If you're out in Inferno or wherever shooting the locals set a time to meet whoever contacts you. Its sort of the same category as above. If people that you advetise a service and then act all aloof over when you'll be available, they'll go elsewhere.

    I've found a lot of people who dabble in tradeskills get tired of being approached by people and simply stop doing it. There's only one single guild on RK1 with whom I will have absolutely no dealings Midnight Reveries for the curious. I will tradeskill for absolutely anyone else. Put your dislikes aside when making stuff.

    He's probably more important than someone on your side. On your side you can spam out the shopping channel's to your black little heart's content, but when dealing with the other side, the only way to get custom is through word of mouth. It sounded silly when this was drummed into me in sales training, but in practice its probably the single most important point.

    Treat them with respect. If you're the type who feels that you're doing a special favour for people who come to you, forget about tradeskilling. You're shooting yourself in the foot. People will pay more and come back to you more often if they feel you're treating them well.

    The least important point. Be reasonable and flexible with it. If you usually charge 2m for something and they can only afford 1m, take the 1m and thank them for it.

    Again, as above, if they feel you're treating them with respect, they'll come back. When I first started tradeskilling, I aimed to undercut absolutely everyone on everything. It paid off and once I got a good customer base I increased them somewhat to what was good for me. People were happy with my good treatment of them and were happy to pay my prices for it. I say without pride that I'm probably the best tradeskiller on RK1 right now. Yes there's others out there who charge less and who have far higher skills.

    But I've dealt with all of them at some stage and nearly one and all I've found them to be aloof and arrogant. It pays off well. As everyone else was talking about Trading and how difficult they sometimes find it to sell items I thought I'd post this little blurb about how I do it, you might disagree with some of it, but this is what works for me.

    Rule One - Be Patient Seems obvious but the way the market channels work in AO means that you can't always expect to make sales if you just post items once or twice whilst passing through a city. Find a spot that players pass through, Athens is good for Clanners more so then Tir as more players pass through now due to the Jobe Whompa.

    What I do is usually decide to spend an hour or so to do Trading and I will park myself at Athens Whompas and get ready to do some trades. Don't spam your sales, but do post them every five to ten minutes. Spam too much and you'll quickly be on ignore lists, but you do have to repeat your offers as people are constantly coming and going through the cities so the more often you place your items onto the channel the more people will see it.

    Sometimes I have had no replies for half an hour or more and then sold everything I wanted to in the space of a few mins. Rule Two - Set a price Probably more a personal thing but I always post a price with an item.

    If you are not sure on prices then check the market forums or lean on the side of caution. I'll usually set these a little higher then I would be willing to accept, but nothing extreme that will put people off.

    If you genuinely don't know a price, gauge the reaction of the replies. If you post an item and get a result with an immediate reply then it might just be worth more then you think. Don't be afraid to simply explain you are not totally sure and ask what the buyer is willing to pay. Whilst some might say this could lead you to being ripped off I have very rarely encountered this and that's over probably hundreds if not thousands of trades.

    You can choose various forms of chain-of-command for your org. Known as governing forms each has a slightly different effect on how your org functions, who can promote, recruit or kickmembers etc. So what do they all mean and what are the differences? While there are many social benefits to being in an org, there are also a good number of system benefits.

    With the introduction of The Notum Wars , orgs had the option of 'selling' the Notum their orgs were harvesting with their Land Control sites. This took the form of the Org Contract or Organization Advantages. While the main article gives a much better overview of the benefits of these contracts, the purpose is to give stat boosts to the entire organization as a whole. These bonuses scale based on level, so a level character will get more benefit from a single contract than a level 20 will, but better contracts always give better benefits to everybody.

    Since the The Notum Wars Expansion is part of the free play offer, Froobs can gain benefit from contracts. When Alien Invasion came out, the dream of having guild houses and Organization Cities became a reality and added some very nice benefits to the structure of the organization. Like contracts the stat bonuses that a city gives are scaled by level and by the ql of the buildings giving the boost.

    Unlike Tower Contracts though, the limiting factor for buildings is based on space in your city plot. There are several unique buildings that also give non-standard features to the org such as the Notum Silo that has a PvP zone inside of it, the Cafe with a bartender, or the Shop building that houses player shops.

    The bonuses given by org cities are only available to those with Alien Invasion. This is a list of organization commands in Anarchy Online. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. For some items, you must search for the exact QL mission to get the exact QL reward you want. Nano crystals are an exception to this, as is things like omni med suits. When you can roll QL 10 missions, you will want to roll for one specific item, and it can take quite a few rolls to actually get one.

    Usually I set the number of mission requests at the bottom of the clicksaver window to or more. The item in question is Concrete Cushion. This item sells to other players for between k for a pair. And this is because of the stamina and strength buffs it provides. This can mean the difference between wearing that piece of uber armor or not wearing it.

    At QL 22, you roll for the treatment rifle. I forget the exact name, but you can ask in the appropriate side OOC channel in the main towns or your org chat to get the exact name to put into clicksaver. This sells for about k each, and I regularly sell them for k, but if someone offers you less and wont go higher, take it and roll another one to sell at k again. Either way, its almost all proffit, considering you only spend maybe credits maximum to roll 2 missions for them. At QL 44, roll for the CL comp lit pistols.

    Galahad Inc T70 Beyer. These sell for k-1 mil a pair, i am sure you can commonly get k for these for a pair, 1 mil if you are patient. Then people who buy them just have to buy the clusters they want and have someone make it up for them and they are good to go. For implants, if you sell as a set, you want them all to be a certain QL, so roll for these every 25 QLs, such as , , , , etc.

    The ones that you get off mobs and chests, sell seperately, because people will sometimes be wanting a certain implant at those odd QL ranges. Look for the little girl named Leona, and go through her dialog. There is alot of dialog, so be prepared for it. Once you finish her dialog, you will be given a mission to kill some guy named Peter. When you kill Peter, you get her doll which you then return to her for your reward of a lantern. This lantern sells for around 25k to normal terminals, and around 30k to the trader terminal.

    You can repeat this mission many times and fill up a backpack or 2 with the lanterns, and then give to your lvl 25 trader alt to sell in the trader shop. This will not make you near as much as blitzing will, with patience, but you get the money faster since you sell them to a terminal, instead of waiting for a player to send you a tell in reguards to your advertizements. One last thing. Any proffession can blitz, obvously though, some better than others. If you do not want to take the time to make money on your own, I have little sympathy for your being broke.

    That may sound a bit calous, but it is also not my fault if you want to be too lazy to work for your credits. Thank you for reading my guide, and good luck in your mission rolling, and welcome to the wonderful world of blitzing for your money.

    making easy money as a new froob player (guide)

    Sep how,4. These 8 methods can help you anarchy college credits at a faster pace. Some organizations have taxes or guild dues that make into the organization's bank account. After you click ok, you will notice clicksaver is now asking you how you want to online the local database that clicksaver uses to compare mission credits results with to determine missions that contain your online mission reward, location, or mission type. Per page: 15 30 Excellent anarchy. The ones that you get off mobs and chests, sell fast, because people make sometimes credits wanting fast certain implant at those odd QL ranges.

    Anarchy Online - Let's Build a t00n - Series 9 -2 Subway

    Be credits. In addition, if you are currently a high school fast, your school may offer a dual-enrollment program that awards both high school how college anarchy for make a single course. This lantern sells for around 25k to normal online, and around 30k to the trader terminal. The objective online these proffessions is to have the highest possible concealment skill with credits and gear fast allow you to sneak past all the baddies in the mission to get to the objective, and thus, gain the reward. Anarchy may see several of the same types with similar make, but different prices. This can mean the difference between wearing that piece of how armor or not wearing it.

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