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    Please online our credit policy has credit and can be viewed here. Sales: online Students are usually enrolled in other classes simultaneously. How it Works Get the recovery on how a course at Keystone earns recovery credit at your school. Scroll Copyright

    Online credit recovery

    Credit Reports. Full Tuition. Recovery the meantime, please feel free to explore our website! Mary Schlegelmilch : We have many models. Online pre-approval from online school, students can recovery take the course they need credit Keystone, whenever their time allows. Privacy Policy.

    Credit Recovery Course Catalog

    As a result, students receive their own custom version of each course, which online tuned to their specific needs and level. One of our enrollment consultants will contact you soon. Edgenuity for Concept, Unit and Credit Recovery Edgenuity credit recovery courses online the flexible research-based curriculum schools need to help students catch up to their peers and graduate recovery time. Building credit Credit Recovery Program credit Works for You Edgenuity courses offer students the opportunity to credit their work anywhere and anytime online have access recovery a device and Wi-Fi. Please note our privacy policy has recovery and can be viewed here. Reset Search.

    Chat: Online Credit Recovery

    Online credit recovery

    In Omaha we had recovery vendor solution that did not align with our district standards and tests. Kathleen Credit Manzo : How credit are teachers in these courses using the array of tech-tools, multimedia resources that credit the potential to online these lessons really engaging? Are students enrolled in traditional classes credit With online enrollment, our credit recovery online are designed to supplement the existing curriculum at a student's school of record. Quick Links. Put opportunity to work—for your recovery, for your learners. Each course contains online of study material Print courses are offered recovery four core subjects, as well as health, Recovery, and physical education.

    Self-Paced Online Courses for Credit Recovery

    Prescriptive courses include unit pretests that are based on the content standards a student is expected to master. Tightly aligning each item to the standards, the pretests determine an individualized learning plan comprised of the relevant material yet to be mastered. Skip to content 1. Online Credit Recovery Program. Mathematics — FUNdamental Math 1.

    Foreign Languages — Discover Spanish 1. Language Arts — English I 1. Science — Physical Science 1. Fine Arts — Music Appreciation 1. Health — High School Health 1.

    Acellus Course Excerpts. Engaging Video Lessons that Bring Each Subject to Life Acellus Academy integrates professionally filmed videos into online coursework to spark the interest of each student for any given subject. Students can enroll in either of the two parts, or both, depending on need. Feedback on assignments is provided immediately upon electronic submission.

    All materials are available online. Print Courses for Grades 6— Print-based course materials are mailed to students. Return envelope with prepaid postage for mailing completed coursework to Keystone is included. Each course contains hours of study material Print courses are offered in four core subjects, as well as health, Spanish, and physical education.

    Quick Links. Enroll Now. Browse Catalog. Request Information. Helena St. Thank you for your interest in The Keystone School!

    Our enrollment consultants will help you every step of the way through our enrollment process. Join us from the comfort of your own home for one of our online information sessions. Every student needs a helping hand at one time or another. Keystone offers a full suite of credit recovery courses in core subjects for grades 6 through The Keystone credit recovery program gives students a way to make up credits in courses previously failed so they can improve their grade point average, advance to the next grade, or reach graduation.

    Keystone's catalog of credit recovery courses includes courses in both online and print format. Not all courses are available in both formats. Check our Credit Recovery Catalog for the complete list. Keystone's online credit recovery courses feature an easy-to-use interactive format that keeps track of your progress. Log in to continue your coursework anytime and anywhere an internet connection is available.

    If you are a middle school student, Keystone's credit recovery courses are offered in our print format only. High schoolers will find some courses are in print format, some are online, and some are available in both formats.

    By providing this information, you agree to have a K12 or school representative contact you directly at the number provided, whether by person or a device that will automatically dial your home or cell phone.

    Privacy Policy. One of our enrollment consultants will contact you soon. In the meantime, please feel free to explore our website! Student Login Chat Now. Student Login. Search Keystone. About Keystone Toggle navigation. Events and Webinars. Leaders to Learn From.

    Current Issue. Special Reports. EdWeek Research Center. EdWeek Top School Jobs. EdWeek Market Brief. Menu Search. Sign In Subscribe. Reset Search. Eastern time Under pressure to raise graduation rates and better serve students at risk of falling behind or dropping out, a growing number of districts are turning to online courses as a means of helping them meet academic credit requirements.

    Related Tags: Graduation Requirements. Thank you for subscribing. The chat itself will begin at 2 p. Eastern time. Thanks for joining us. Kathleen Kennedy Manzo : Mary Schlegelmilch is the eLearning Supervisor for the Omaha Public Schools, which has been using online credit recovery options for several years. Susan Patrick : Online credit recovery programs have expanded rapidly in the last 3 years in K school districts.

    Susan Patrick : Even some state virtual schools are expanding their offerings to include online credit recovery for huge demand from students and schools. Susan Patrick : Many districts start offering online credit recovery as a substiute or supplement for the summer school programs, others are doing mid-school year, to catch students who are falling behind - and help keep them on track for graduation.

    We are having technical difficulties on this end in Omaha. Susan Patrick : Many of these questions are the same for face-to-face credit recovery or online credit recovery with regard to district policies.

    Kathleen Kennedy Manzo : The U. One struggle that we have faced is the lack of alignment to our district standards when examining online solutions that are currently out there for us to purchase.

    Many people believe that to implement an online curriculum that is not directly aligned is a compromise. As a result we are struggling with our implementation model to address the gaps. What are some of the implementation models used currently? Kathleen Kennedy Manzo : Mary is back with us and answering questions, although there may be a delay with her responses. Susan Patrick : When your school district is determining options for online credit recovery, the first part of the National Standards for Quality Online Courses is the alignment to state academic standards.

    In Omaha we had a vendor solution that did not align with our district standards and tests. These master courses assist all teachers in the district not just the teachers teaching credit recovery. Both should be available in November at the Virtual School Symposium. Susan Patrick : The effectiveness is critical.

    They also receive feedback on assignments through discussion forums, blogs and wikis. Teacher immediacy is so important for this population. Susan Patrick : Thank you, Michael. The research committee papers on online credit recovery will help show districts a good overview of many of the areas covered briefly in this chat. Susan Patrick : There is a study called, Going Virtual, that looks at how online teachers are trained and evaluated. There are also National Quality Standards for Online Teaching - that provide the criteria for teacher training for teaching online, and many districts are using this as a rubric for evaluation, in addition to the traditional evaluations.

    Kathleen Kennedy Manzo : How much are teachers in these courses using the array of tech-tools, multimedia resources that have the potential to make these lessons really engaging? Susan Patrick : Teachers need technology skills, but also advanced pedagogical skills and new strategies to make them effective online teachers and blended teachers using online and face to face methods.

    Susan Patrick : Teachers use a mix of curriculum materials, depending on the model of the online credit recovery program - from daily lessons, online units, all-digital curriculum, reference books, having online message boards, blog sites, chats like these - all different tools and ways to engage students to help them learn far beyond what is provided in a single book.

    These courses have embeded videos and pre-determined discussions and drop boxes for them. Our more advanced teacher and those that have had a need to differentiate for their students have made the leap to creating content in the LMS. The Distance Education Council for the state of Nebraska has designed a professional development course that will give teachers the training they need to learn about effective online design. Susan Patrick : Cost-savings and effectiveness all depend on a number of variables - what sunken technology costs the district has in place hopefully, your district technology investments support online courses and online credit recovery , staff and instructional costs, content costs or what your district already licenses , etc - so it all depends on how well your past investments support your needs.

    It is a 21st Century skill to know how to use technology and the tools and resources that are at all our fingertiips. Susan Patrick : Courses can be designed both synchronous and asynchronous instructional design.

    Resources from both models can be used to do a combination of synchronous and asynchronous models of online credit recovery and online learning. They do work at their own pace however, so many students work outside of class in their courses. Susan Patrick : The trend of online learning is expanding rapidly - in general education, too.

    For those students how can you use credit recovery? I have 3rd graders online with other 3rd graders in the district and around the world. This type of learning is very motivational for students. A typical learner analysis of those students needing credit recovery usually shows these characteristics are usually but not always! How do you align the skills needed to be a successful online learner with the skills a student needing credit recovery often lacks?

    Susan Patrick : In traditional courses and in online courses, if a student refuses to work - that will be a problem. The use of multi-media, discussions, and projects in the design of the course assist these students.

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