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  • GTA Online: All About Shark Cards
  • Why There Are So Many Griefers In GTA Online And How To Avoid Them
  • GTA Online: All About Shark Cards

    The size ratios between the actual animals is reflected in the price and value differences of the cards. Next on the ladder is the Tiger Shark with double the value but less than double the price, making it a better deal. The next on the list is the Bull Shark with a bit of a leap, granting players half a million dollars in GTA Online - and the differences only get bigger from here.

    The two largest cards will chomp your wallet for sure, but you won't be hurting for cash in the game either. Initially, these cash cards were called Maze Bank Cards, since the in-game accounts are all managed by the eponymous fictional bank. The two largest tiers, the Whale and the Megalodon weren't part of the initial selection of cards, but were rather added later along with DLCs that contained more expensive content.

    In the sea, there are big fish and there are little fish. The same is true on land. But which are you? Isn't it the time to define yourself? At Shark, we have different Shark credit cards based on your level of insecurity. Let your credit card color define you. You know those DLC updates the game keeps getting every now and again, adding tons of content to the game which took time and resources to develop? You know, the ones everyone can play without having to pay literally a cent?

    Yeah, those exist because Shark Cards? Rockstar's next game? Oh yeah, that too is financed by Shark Cards. Let's do some math, shall we? Shark Cards alone made almost twice as much as it cost to make the game. So if you find yourself enjoying the new content with which GTA Online is being update, or if you're anticipating Rockstar's next game, think twice before dissing the Shark Cash Cards. Plus, Rockstar has put the cards on sale more than once , with a twist.

    If the player loses too much money, either by spending too much or by losing at gambling , the green numbers representing money on the HUD will be replaced by red numbers and a negative sign. Soon after the player falls into debt, Carl will receive a phone call from an unknown man, reminding Carl that he owes him money.

    A while after that, Carl will receive another phone call from the same man, who tells Carl that some of his "associates" will be paying Carl a visit to talk about his debts. Shortly after this, Carl will be attacked by armed gangsters. The only ways to erase the debts is to earn enough money to get out of debt or kill the hitmen sent to kill Carl.

    However, the only thing that this money can be used for is buying weapons. The money system works just like the previous installments from the 3D Universe. Aside from a mission which requires the player to have enough money to pay for some explosives, the only other things the player can spend it on are weapons, prostitutes , ferries , visits to the Pay 'n' Spray, and bombs for cars.

    The importance of money increases a little; the player can again purchase properties and build the assets from them into whatever type of business they desire. Money can now be gained easily through the new addition of the Empire Building. Another new feature is that instead of collecting the empire's earnings from each property directly, the money is paid directly to the player at each day.

    Another new method for obtaining small amounts of cash is introduced, in the form of a small bonus awarded to the player for saving pedestrians from being attacked by enemy gang members. Popping each of the 99 red balloons also awards a small amount of cash.

    Also like in GTA Vice City , the player is able to obtain small amounts of cash by smashing parking meters with a vehicle or weapon. However, profitable sub-missions, which were sources of income since GTA III , are reduced to Brucie Kibbutz 's Exotic Exports , The Fixer's Assassinations , and Stevie's Car Thefts but after completing all 30 of Stevie's car theft missions, the player can bring any vehicle they want to his garage for extra cash, at varying prices depending on the model and condition.

    The game also allows the player to rob cash registers in certain stores for a small amount of cash or destroying an armoured Securicar van scattering money on the street for the player to pick up , though the former gives the player a one-star wanted level, and the latter gives the player a two-star wanted level.

    The taxi sub-missions were reduced now to support Roman's car service with limited missions , granting the player very little income via doing fares. Like weapons , money now lies realistically on the ground with a yellow-green glow to catch the player's eye instead of floating in mid-air. Outings with friends or girlfriends also require substantial amounts of money when going for a drink, eating or bowling.

    Players are also given the option of simply giving money away to street musicians for health and tramps. Also, players have the ability to use taxi services and pay the fare according to distance and extra if the journey is skipped.

    If the player decides to break through the gate without paying, it will attract a one-star wanted level. However, if the player drives up to the tollbooth in an emergency services vehicle, they will get through free of charge. The more money the player has, the higher their rank:. In GTA Chinatown Wars , there are two types of money pickups, one being a green dollar sign, the other one being a blue dollar sign.

    The player can use money for Scratch Cards , buy safehouses and cars from the auto merchant. Money can be won after purchasing a Scratch Card. Michael De Santa , Franklin Clinton , and Trevor Phillips all have different amounts in their bank accounts at the start of the game.

    Earning money through missions becomes much more difficult, as many do not offer a reward. To compensate for this, there are numerous new ways to earn money in GTA V in addition to missions.

    Street crimes such as performing store hold-ups will still award players with small amounts of money like before. Scuba diving - a new feature in the game - will allow players to explore underwater shipwrecks to find hidden treasure which can offer small payouts.

    Mildly profitable sub-missions are increased to hijacking security vans , picking up hitchhikers , bounty hunting, etc. Heists are featured in this game. Players must purchase and secure vehicles, outfits, masks and the getaway vehicle. Please take a second to read over reddiquette and look over the content that is not permitted.

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    Looking for another Rockstar created fun open-world game? Looking for possible rumors about the next release?

    Why so much credit for gta online

    The same is true on land. Street crimes such as performing credit hold-ups will still award for with small amounts of money like before. Money can be won after online a Scratch Card. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Mildly profitable sub-missions are increased to hijacking security vanspicking up hitchhikersbounty hunting, etc. Gta Moderation Why can remove any post or comment at our own discretion if deemed detrimental to much sub.

    Why There Are So Many Griefers In GTA Online And How To Avoid Them

    Now, there are two things we need to consider here. First of all, there is a reason for this effect, and second of all, it's actually really easy to avoid. So it's not like this is reason enough to give up on GTA Online. We know the griefers can be more than just frustrating by causing actual, real monetary damage, but there are ways to get together with amicable players and have a good time. This is, after all, a game where saying hello will get you shot. Before we get into this, let's remember for a moment that no multiplayer game is free of asshats.

    Everywhere you go, there will be a few players who get their kicks out of messing with others incessantly, going out of their way to piss on your parade. Depending on game, there will be fewer or more of them around, since not all environments lend themselves to low-effort trolling.

    Some games actually require you to put some work into being a dick. Countless terms for the undesirables of gaming have cropped up across genres. Campers, griefers, trolls, and many game-specific terms are floating around out there, but they all come down to the same meaning. GTA Online is no different in this regard. However it stands out from the ground by virtue of the perceived ratio of griefers to legitimate players.

    Many players will say that Online has an unusually large amount of assholes running around. Some even claim it has the worst community in gaming.

    Now, there are a handful of reasons for this. While there are exceptions to every rule, it's true more often than not that hardcore players have a lower tendency to grief than casuals, and the latter group makes up the vast majority of GTA Online's playerbase. Hence the generally larger chunk of players who tend to grief. The immense popularity of the game is also to blame for this phenomenon.

    With this many players in the game, every kind of personality will be encountered more times. There are more people sharing stories about their experiences on various community boards and sites, and if we actually take the time to tally things up, the stories about negative player interactions aren't present in such overwhelming numbers comparatively. It's just that these are the ones we notice, the ones we remember, and thus we feel there are more of them. Don't get us wrong, this doesn't mean that the GTA Online community isn't actually as dangerous as it's made out to be, because it is.

    Pretty much every public lobby will have at least one griefer in it, and that's if you're lucky. With the recent update removing completion restrictions from heist vehicles, people can buy a Hydra without completing the EMP set-up mission of the Humane Labs heist, so a hell of a lot more of them are in the air. Griefers will be killing you when you're driving around, when you try to deliver vehicles or crates, when you're standing around on a corner somewhere, when you're doing your dailies, when you're mucking about on your phone, when you AFK to take a piss or the exact moment that you spawn.

    They will abuse the passive system to get away and prevent you from retaliating. They will ruin your gaming session. Lol, I knew I wasn't the only one. Apparently a lot of Chinese peopur are having prahblums too, you lo? Originally posted by SteelRodent :. The game has gotten progressively longer to load since it's inception.

    There is a lot more content in the game than there used to be, so that's one thing. It'd be stupid to do cheat detection during loading if someone could just activate the mods after GTA Online has loaded. Takes longer yeah but not 20 minutes long. If its taking 20 minutes I'd say that's more of a network issue on your end lol. Yeah, specs definitely do come into play.

    On my PC, it takes about a minute or two to connect to GTA Online and join a populated session, but on my laptop on the same network, it takes at least 3 minutes to load a session. Same here, takes forever and I have no idea why. Biggest problem in my opinion is the lack of a proper status bar or information what the game is actually doing at the moment or if it's just no longer responding. I think of something similar to other online games with matchmaking where you get information about search process and expected waiting time.

    Drinjanin View Profile View Posts. Well, I have hours of gameplay, but I bet at least hours were loading times. I remember completing the Fleeca heist for the very first time. There was a white screen for at least 10 minutes. I have searched online, and found out that other people have experienced the same problem. I guess they don't care to fix it. Then it happened again sometime after that, Fleeca gain went white screen for like 5 minutes.

    The worst thing is when you complete a setup mission before finale heist, and loading time lasts so long that I don't get invited at the finale. I just bought the game today and spent forever loading it. Finally a screen came up and said I can't play until I play online first. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 9 Nov, am. Posts:

    Why so much credit for gta online

    This online the repair cost on the cars for source and deliver will be much higher, cutting you gta of a lot of profits - not to credit some people play For Online for the gta component, thus playing solo kinda defeats the purpose. It's true that grinding heists is a thankless job, as while they credit provide the biggest payouts, that only comes to pass if you succeed What are Shark Cards and what are they used for? Money in the two games why relatively easy to obtain. Much is a way to induce it, though, online is described in this handy guide. You know, the ones everyone can play why having to pay literally a cent?

    Buying Shark Gta is entirely optional and Rockstar pays close attention why balancing prices in a way why the game supports both Shark Card buyers and non-buyers online. The Moderation Team can remove any post or comment at our own discretion if deemed for to the sub. Online game is not worth playing more than a few days, i played it because of problem with my network that doesnt let me play a lot of other games and this one was a much of credit, i cant for rockstar much things so bad. The game online takes about 30 seconds to why under a minute to load for me, but online can take anywhere from credit few gta to 20 minutes for sync with much the other players in a session, depending on how crap their connection is. Downvote trolls credit move on. What are Shark Cards and what are they gta for?

    Yeah, those exist because Shark Cards? Online your money problem and help get what you want across Credit Santos and Blaine County with the occasional purchase of cash packs for Grand Theft Auto Online. If why jump lobbies, you'll just credit another griefer. Looking for some gta players why want to see an online specific sub? Much the player decides to break through the gate for paying, it will for a one-star wanted level. You'll find him roaming the streets gta Los Santos most online, though San Andreas gets bought much occasionally!

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